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Grenade thrown at house in Chamchamal, one woman killed

  2021-05-31  | 
 Zhyan News Network
A general view of Chamchamal in Sulaimani province. (File Photo)
 Zhyan News Network

SULAIMANI – Kurdish security forces are investigating after unknown men threw a hand-grenade into a house in Sulaimani province’s town of Chamchamal late on Sunday (May 30) wounding a mother and her daughter.

One of the women, the daughter, succumbed to her injuries sustained from the grenade explosion, security sources said.

The motive behind the attack is unknown so far. According to the security forces the attacker was riding a motorcycle who is still at large. The victims are survivors of Anfal campaign by Baathist regime.

There has been a spike in violence against women and so-called “honor” killings in the last few months in the Kurdistan Region. 

The motives behind the murder of women have often been described as social problems, a term used by the authorities to mean domestic violence, non-political disputed and non-terrorism conflicts.

At least 25 women were murdered, 38 others committed suicide, 67 self-immolated, 10,370 lawsuits were lodged and 125 sexual assaults were logged in 2020, according to General Directorate to Combat Violence Against Women.

The numbers may be an undercount as not all violence get reported .

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