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Authorities warn of water shortage in Sulaimani amid lack of rainfall

  2021-04-22  | 
 Zhyan News Network
A file photo of Darbandikhan lake
 Zhyan News Network

SULAIMANI – Authorities in Sulaimani governorate have warned of the lowering levels of water sources in both Darbandikhan and Dukan lakes in the governorate amid a low level of rainfall in 2021.

On Wednesday, Sulaimani Water Directorate said in a statement that water levels of Dukan lake has lowered by 14 meters and Darbandikhan lake by 18 meters from their fullness. 

“We remember both lakes were full in this season in 2019 and we were operating a large number of our stations’ turbines,” the directorate said. 

“Due to the change of the direction of the water source that enter into the two lakes, the flow of water has reduced, which is a big threat and this year’s water shortage has completely neared us to the danger of the water shortage.”

It also said that if the level of rainfall will be like this year or lower and emergency actions are not taken in 2020, the Kurdistan Region will face a serious problem of lack of water in 2021.  

The directorate also called on the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and relevant offices to device plans to address the issue. 

Iran has built several upstream projects on the streams entering the lakes in recent years. 

On Wednesday, lawmaker Ali Hama Salih said that Darbandikhan water had contaminated and is at danger of contracting people with disease and cancer. 

“The remains of oil refineries, oilfields and nitric acid from Tanjaro, Sulaimani and Iran enter Darbandikhan lake, which has a large amount of lead,” Hama Salih said. “This water is distributed among the citizens once in six days without filters. It is not possible for any use even drinking according to the tests and cause skin diseases.”

On Wednesday, Head of the Kurdistan Region Water Directorate Ari Ahmed told the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) official media outlet that the KRG had allocated an additional 4 billion Iraqi dinars ($2.7 million) for an already 18 billion Iraqi dinars ($12.3 million) water project. stalled by the economic crisis in recent years. 

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