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Turkey continues airstrikes, artillery fires in Duhok’s border areas

  2021-05-27  | 
 Zhyan News Network
A view of Kesta village in Kani Masi in Duhok governorate, Kurdistan Region, Iraq. Photo by Mehvan Mecid/ Zhyan News Network
 Zhyan News Network

SULAIMANI – The Turkish warplanes and army bombed and shelled the peripheries of Kesta village in Duhok’s Kani Masi sub-district overnight sparking fears among the villagers amid ongoing clashes between the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) and Turkey, an official said on Thursday (May 27).

Mukhtar (village chief) of Kesta village Mahmoud Yassin told Zhyan News Network that the Turkish army and warplanes started the fires at around 01:00 am. 

Part of the mountainous area in the village has caught fire, Yassin added.

Since April 23, Turkey has started an operation against PKK members in Duhok’s border areas and erected at least four new military bases adding up to almost forty others in the Kurdistan Region.

PKK has started an armed struggle for Kurdish cultural rights against the Turkish authorities since 1984. 

It is headquartered in the Kurdistan Region’s mountainous areas. 

At least three civilians have been wounded including one critically and four villages have been evacuated amid fearing Turkey’s ongoing bombardments. 

202 out of 358 villages have been evacuated due to the conflicts between Turkey the PKK, according to Amedi District Mayor Sarbast Sabri. 

Turkey’s airstrike and shelling are almost a daily recurrence in the Kurdistan Region, more notably in the border areas. It launches cross-border operations every now and then.

The current Turkey’s operation has not caused a civilian death, but at a Turkish land and air operation claimed the lives of at least thirteen civilians.  

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