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Body of migrant died in car crash in Turkey to return home

  2021-05-28  | 
 Zhyan News Network
File photo of Hazheen Salih, a youth from Said Sadiq, died in a traffic accident in Turkey on route to Greece,, May 25,2021. Photo Credit from His Facebook Account/ Graphic by Zhyan News Network
 Zhyan News Network

SULAIMANI – The body of a Kurdish migrant will be repatriated to Said Sadiq district east of Sulaimani earlier on Saturday (May 29), three days after he lost his life in a car crash in Turkey, one of his relatives said. 

24-year-old Hazheen Salih, a youth from Said Sadiq, died in a traffic accident and another Kurdish youth was injured on their way to Greece. 

“As youths like him, he migrated to Turkey on April 7 due to unemployment and poor living conditions in the Kurdistan Region,” his uncle told Zhyan News Network, noting he had temporary jobs before leaving. 

The victim was one of the top students recently graduated from the Kurdish language department at University of Sulaimani, he said.

“You...Homeland! Either I put your definition in my pocket or not, what will change from my joblessness, disappointment and sadness,” Salih said in a previous Facebook post.

34,000 people emigrated from the Kurdistan Region to Europe during 2020, at least 35 died including 17 missing in the attempt, said Summit Foundation for Refugees and Displaced Affairs chief Ari Jalal in December.

People, especially youths, blame mismanagements and lack of job opportunities and Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) negligence to work out alternatives for graduates.

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