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Peshmerga accuses FlyErbil airline of disability discrimination

  2021-05-29  | 
 Zhyan News Network
Peshmerga Kamaran Mahmoud on his wheelchair poses for a photograph.
 Zhyan News Network

SULAIMANI – A Peshmerga with special needs on Saturday (May 29) called out FlyErbil airline at Erbil International Airport for alleged disability discrimination. He accused the airline of “forcibly” charging him with $150 US Dollar for providing “inadequate” assistance.

Kamaran Mahmoud told Zhyan that he didn’t need “inappropriate” help provided by two FlyErbil ground employees boarding on the airplane, while he had help of two of his brothers.

Until finally, he could wait no longer. “I didn’t have enough money, so I borrowed $50 US Dollar to provide for the payment receipt they forcibly charged me with,” said the Peshmerga, who has been living in Germany for 11 years and had travelled to the Kurdistan Region.

The directorate of Erbil International Airport said in a statement that an investigative committee has been established to open a probe into the airline’s illegal treatment towards the disabled passengers.

“The amount of money which is needed for boarding passengers with special needs must be paid by the airlines to the Ground Handling Service, and not by the passenger himself,” the statement by the airport reads.

Mahmoud claimed that he served as a Peshmerga for 23 years during which he suffered a 100% disability putting him into a wheelchair.

“Two of the airline’s employees, one Asian and another foreigner, hurt me so much, I couldn’t understand their language,” he added.

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