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Kurdistan Parliament summons top diplomat over Turkish offensive

  2021-06-01  | 
 Zhyan News Network
Kurdistan Parliament Deputy Speaker Hemin Hawrami summons Turkish Consul-General in Erbil Hakan Karacay in Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq, June 1,2021. Photo by Kurdistan Parliament
 Zhyan News Network

SULAIMANI – The Kurdistan Parliament summoned Turkish Consul General in Erbil over the country’s continued cross-border offensive against Kurdish fighters there, parliament speaker Rewaz Fayaq told Zhyan News Network on Tuesday (June 1).

Kurdistan Parliament Deputy Speaker Hemin Hawrami with Turkey’s Consul General in Kurdistan Region, Hakan Karacay and expressed “his grave concern about the harm to the lives and livelihoods of the villagers in the border area villages of Darkar, Bativa and Kani Masi, caused by the military conflict between Turkey and the PKK,” the parliament said in a statement.

“Hawrami stressed that Kurdistan Region is against war and violence by any side,” read the statement, as he called for compensation for those who have suffered damages and destruction, and for an end to the harm to the lives and livelihoods of the villagers.

In an interview to Zhyan, Fayaq accused Turkey of "breaching" the Kurdistan Region's territorial borders and harming the environment.

"Despite breaching the border, Turkey has attacked the environment, which is forbidden according to the international laws," she added. The parliament demands probe by the United Nations into the continued violation of the Kurdistan Region's sovereignty.


Spokesperson for the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Jotiar Adil said on Monday (May 31) that Turkey has been formally warned of felling in the border areas in Turkey, days after several lawmakers called for an end to the illicit practice. 

“The Kurdistan Regional Government is expressing its concerns and protest regarding felling and harming the nature of the Kurdistan Region. It has formally warned the Turkish government of terminating chopping down trees in the border areas,” Adil said in a statement, noting the practice is “unacceptable.”

The KRG official also accused the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) of causing Turkey’s aggression into the Region. 

The statement came after at least three lawmakers revealed the Turkish army's deforestation in the mountainous areas in Duhok governorate amid an ongoing land and air operation by the country against PKK.

The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), which is the largest party in the Region and main component of the KRG, enjoys cordial economic relations with Turkey and is at odds with the PKK. 

PKK is a Kurdish opposition group that has started an armed struggle since 1984 calling for Kurds’ cultural rights in Turkey. 

Since March 23, Turkey has started an operation against PKK members in Duhok’s border areas and erected at least four new military bases adding up to almost forty others in the Kurdistan Region.

At least thirty three thirty-six lawmakers in the Kurdistan Parliament  have signed a petition seeking a legislative session to prevent further Turkish incursion and advancement into border territories, a lawmaker said on Sunday.

Turkey cuts down trees not only in the Kurdistan Region, but also in its southeast, according to lawmakers of the pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP).

"With 70 workers, 30 tractors, Turkey chops down 400 tons of trees every day on Mount Cudi. Nature is being plundered," HDP MP Huseyin Kacmaz tweeted.

Both KRG and Iraqi Government agriculture ministry’s condemned Turkey’s “uncivilized acts” in a joint statement. 

“They are considered hostile actions against nature, the Iraqi environment and the environment of the Kurdistan Region. Rather, they are a hostile act against humanity, nature, and the environment of the Region and the whole world,” read the statement. 

It also called on the UN and foreign missions in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq “to cooperate together in finding solutions to these irresponsible and inhuman acts against the environment and to try to end them completely.”

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