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Two first deaths of black fungus confirmed in Sulaimani, Nasiriyah

  2021-06-01  | 
 Zhyan News Network
A man who has recovered from the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) donates his plasma to help critically ill patients at National Blood Transfusion Center in Baghdad, Iraq. (File photo: Reuters)
 Zhyan News Network

SULAIMANI – Kurdish and Iraqi health officials on Tuesday (June 1) confirmed first two deaths caused by black fungus - a deadly infection that have been on an increasing trend during the last few months.

One of the victims was a resident of Nasiriyah in southeast of Baghdad and his death has been attributed to complications with COVID-19, said the Health Directorate of Dhi Qar Governorate in southern Iraq.

"The case was discovered [by chance] during the issuance of the death certificate for a person who died as a result of complications from Corona."

The other death was logged in Sulaimani, and the victim was a 78-year-old Arab who had been infected two weeks ago, media secretary of Sulaimani health directorate Abdullah Goran told Zhyan News Network.

The disease has raised distress among public health professionals as the infection is known to strike COVID-19 patients even after they recovered from the virus, adding another uphill challenge to the ongoing pandemic.

The black fungus infection has recently sent alarm bells ringing states across India amid the deadly second wave of COVID-19 pandemic.

The rare disease in the most affected country of India has killed more than 300 people and infected over 12,000.

According to health professionals, the deadly fungus attacks nose, jaw, eyes and brain moving rapidly in the body, while some patients are left with disabilities even after surgeries.

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