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Non-bond teachers call for 2020 withholding pay in Ranya

  2021-06-02  | 
 Zhyan News Network
Non-contract teachers protest Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) withholding five months worth of payment in 2020 and call for permanent employment, June 2, 2021. Photo by Majid Bitweny/ Zhyan News Network
 Zhyan News Network

SULAIMANI – A number of non-contract teachers protested in Ranya district on Wednesday (June 2), criticizing the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) of failure to meet their demands including permanent employment and their salaries worth of last five months.

The teachers threatened to go on strike if the KRG Council of Ministers does not resolve their issues. 

There are about 17,500 non-bond teachers in the Kurdistan Region who fill the vacancies of  lack of staff at the schools. 

The aforementioned teachers have not been paid in 2020. 

They were paid in last October, November and December, which were 300,000 Iraqi dinars ($205.6) for holders of Bachelor's degree and 250,000 Iraqi dinars ($171.3) for Diploma carriers in each month. 

The non-bond teachers have protested and been promised several times by the authorities to meet their demands. 

The KRG installed several austerity measures in 2014 to purportedly fight an acute economic and financial crisis in a bid to save some cash to pay its bloated wage bill, such as a suspension to permanent employment.

But the KRG accepted rooms for on-bond and non-bond positions, among them for teachers, where they are paid a lump sum per months for their active service. The payment is lower than for permanent employment.

Despite the rise in oil prices and the devaluation of the Iraqi dinars against US dollars, the KRg still unable to pay its public sector employees without cuts and shift the non-bond contracts into permanent employment. 

Also on Wednesday, a number of teachers protesteclaiming they had not been paid in the past few years despite their services at Fakhir Mergasori in Erbil.  

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