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As water scarcity looms large, officials warn of fallouts in Halabja

  2021-06-06  | 
 Zhyan News Network
A general view of Darbandikhan lake, Darbandikhan, Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region, Iraq, June 5,2021. Photo by Kazhin Anwar Jalal/ Zhyan News Network
 Zhyan News Network

SULAIMANI – Senior officials in the governorate of Halabja on Sunday (June 6) warned of the insufficient amount of drinking water in the coming months amid a low level of rainfall in the year and flow restrictions created by upstream projects by Iran on Sirwan river entering Darbandikhan lake. 

On Sunday, head of Halabja Water Directorate Alan Tofiq told the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) official media that the main water project in the governorate has problems.

“We are trying to resolve it. We are trying to secure water so as to bar water crisis,” Tofiq said.

Head of Halabja Tourism Directorate Gharib Ahmad said that he had met with the clerics to help advise people avoid wasting water.

“In the tourism sites in the boundary of Halabja governorate, the level of the waterfalls has completely declined that sparked a low number of tourists,” Ahmad said.

In May, KRG Deputy Prime Minister Qubad Talabani said that a supreme board has been created to counter drought.

The Kurdistan Region suffers an cute water crisis due to lack of water in 2021 and flow restrictions by Iran.

Iraq’s estimated population of around 40 million, including the Kurdistan Region, is expected to double by 2050, as the impacts of climate change, decreased and erratic precipitation, higher temperatures, prolonged and more severe droughts—will further aggravate its water woes. 

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