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Public salary under threat after customs incomes decreased by 75%

  2021-06-07  | 
 Zhyan News Network
 Zhyan News Network

SULAIMANI – Incomes from Parwezkhan and Bashmakh border crossings have lessened by 75 percent in the last seven days, a Kurdistan Parliament lawmaker said on Monday (June 7), compounding woes the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) is going to face to distribute the public sector salary for June. 

“The incomes of Parwezkhan was previously 26 billion Iraqi dinars and Bashmakh was 22 billion Iraqi dinars per month,” lawmaker Ali Hama Salih said. “Taking account into these last seven days, these incomes will reduce by 75 percent.”

The KRG usually combine the oil and non-oil incomes to gather enough cash to pay public sector employees per month, but with cuts.

The lawmaker, who is from Change Movement (Gorran), one of the three main components of the KRG, said that customs taxes have decreased by 85 to 90 percent and 50 percent for the trucks crossing Parwezkhan and Bashmakh respectively. 

Hama Salih also claimed that Iraq is working through plans to halt trade at all the Region’s border crossings, make much facilitation for the Kurdish traders to transport their goods through the federal border points. 

“The Region’s traders are going to others crossings from Munzaria up to Um Qasr.”

On March 20, Head of Iraq’s Border Crossings Authority Omar al-Waeli said that most of the unofficial border crossings in Iraq are in the Kurdistan Region. 

Al-Waeli alleged the Kurdish authorities do not cooperate with the federal authorities in monitoring smuggling in the border crossings. 

Kurdistan Region has four official border crossings with Iran; Haji Omaran in Erbil, Parwezkhan, bashmakh and Sairanban in Sulaimani and many unofficial ones.

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