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Erbil court reschedules trial for two Duhok detainees to July 29

  2021-06-08  | 
 Zhyan News Network
A combined photo of detained activist Omed Baroshki (L) and teacher Badal Barwari, who have been behind the bar since summer 2020
 Zhyan News Network

SULAIMANI – Second branch of the Erbil Criminal Court has decided to reschedule a court trail for detained teacher Barwari and activist Omed Baroshki to July 29 from October 17 upon a request by the defense team, lawyer Karzan Rashid said on Tuesday (June 8).

In summer and autumn, the security forces clamped down on anti-government protests rocked Duhok, and detained scores of teachers, activists, journalists and protesters with many still behind the bar. 

The protests were in response to the Kurdistan Regional Government’s (KRG) inability to pay public sector salaries on time and full, its austerity measures in place so far and the deteriorating economic conditions in the Kurdistan Region.

Upheld by the appellate court in early May, three journalists and two activists were sentenced to six years in prison by an Erbil criminal court in February over charges amounting to undermining the stability and security of the Kurdistan Region.

The Kurdistan Region has come under fire by the foreign missions in and out the Kurdistan Region and several international watchdogs for the overall court process and its final verdict.

The case of the five convicts has been referred to the cassation court. 

“Barwari and Baroshki will be tried based upon the same charges the five were sentenced by,” Rashid told Zhyan News Network. 

On March 30, Lawyer Bashdar Hassan, representation the detainees, told Zhyan that the detainees have gone on hunger strikes and their health was in poor shape.

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