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Man finds hundreds of rare gold coins in Erbil

  2021-06-10  | 
 Zhyan News Network
(File Photos) Photo Credit/The Foundation For Kurdish Library & Museum
 Zhyan News Network

SULAIMANI – Kurdistan Region’s archaeologists are studying a valuable trove containing around three kilos of old coins on a site in Sreshma village, 92 kilometers northeast of Erbil.

The coins are expected to date back to Dasne state or an era before Soran state, two medieval Kurdish principalities in the Ottoman Empire hundreds of years ago, said Kurdish lawmaker Ali Hama Salih.

The coins were found in two soapstone jars unearthed in a land owned by a resident of Sreshma village identified as Mam Sabir in Khalifan area, Salih added.

An excavator driver, who has been hired by Mam Sabir to work on his land, discovered the coins while working in the land.

Whoever placed the jar in that place seems to have buried it in such a way that in case of danger they could go and retrieve it.

“The coins were stored in a ditch fenced with stones and covered with a big stone,” said MP Ali Hama Salih.

“This trove has a big historical value, a specialized team should study it scientifically and transfer it to a national museum.”

A video released on social media purportedly showing two sacks full of dusty coins and samples of the coin placed on a paper with a date written on it; June 8, 2021.

Ali Hama Salih refuted the video saying “The history of the coins date back to hundreds of years ago, sacks cannot remain intact in such period of time.”

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