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Garmian court revokes arrest warrants issued for officials: ministry

  2021-03-02  | 
 Zhyan News Network
 Zhyan News Network

SULAIMANI – Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Ministry of Finance and Economy said on Tuesday (March 2) that a court in Sulaimani’s Garmian administration revoked previous arrest warrants issued for several officials by a judge over corruption-related charges.

On January 19, Judge Abdul Amir issued arrest warrants for the chief of Parwezkhan border crossing and director of Garmian Customs Directorate on charges of permitting illicit cargos into the Kurdistan Region from Iran. 

According to the local media outlets, the court has decided to relocate and replace the judge.

The court in Abdul Amir’s capacity issued several arrest warrants for government officials in connection with the case including head of the Kurdistan General Customs Directorate Samal Abdulrahman for allegedly permitting the importation of substandard vehicles and goods.

The KRG finance ministry said in a statement that the court issued a decree in favor of “the ministry to rescind all the arrest warrants to their ministry’s personnel,” after the case was reviewed.

Several lawmakers and officials warn of wide-spread smuggling at the border crossings.

In February, the Kurdistan Parliament lifted immunity of two Kurdish MPs after a defamation suit by one of the Region’s border crossings with Iran, Bashmakh.

Gorran (Change) MPs Ali Hama Saleh and Daban Mohamadhad previously expressed concern and warned against smuggling taking place at the Kurdistan Region’s border crossings on several occasions through social media.

Head of the customs department, Samal Abdulrahman denied accusations saying “No evidence of smuggling at Kurdistan Region's border crossings.”

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