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ISIS suspect nabbed in Sulaimani: Asayish

  2021-03-02  | 
 Zhyan News Network
Islamic State (ISIS) suspect is arrested by security forces in Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region, Iraq on February 27. Photo provided by Sulaimani West Asayish Directorate on March 2,2021.
 Zhyan News Network

SULAIMANI – Sulaimani West Asayish Directorate said on Tuesday (March 2) that the security forces apprehended an Islamic State (ISIS) suspect in Sulaimani governorate on February 27.

The ISIS member pledged allegiance to the self-styled ISIS caliphate in 2017 in Saladin governorate’s Baiji district and remained there until 2015, but he fled to Syria when the militant group was territorially defeated in Iraq.

“The accused man returned to Iraq in February and entered Erbil and remained there until February 26. Then he arrived in Sulaimani governorate on February 27 where he was arrested by the Sulaimani West Asayish Directorate’s forces,” the Asayish directorate said in a statement. 

The ISIS member has been detained in accordance with Article 2 of the Kurdistan Region Counterterrorism Law and interrogation is ongoing with him, read the statement.

Despite its territorial fall in December 2017, there has been an uptick in attacks and bomb blast by ISIS militant in Iraq, more notably in the borderlands in Anbar and Nineveh and the disputed areas in Kirkuk, Saladin and Diyala governorates claimed by Erbil and Baghdad.

ISIS acts are almost rare in the Kurdistan Region’s governorates.

On February 4, the Kurdistan Region Asayish Agency reported that the security forces arrested ten ISIS members responsible for a booby-trapped flag blast in eastern Sulaimani’s Said Sadiq district in January.

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