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British Consulate General, Judiciary Council discuss formation of court for ISIS suspects

  2021-06-17  | 
 Zhyan News Network
A delegation of British Consulate General in Erbil visited the Kurdistan Region Judiciary Council in Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq, June 17,2021. Photo by Kurdistan Region Judiciary Council
 Zhyan News Network

SULAIMANI – A delegation from the British Consulate General in Erbil visited the Kurdistan Region Judicial Council and discussed the formation of a tribunal for trying Islamic State (ISIS) offenders in the Kurdistan Region. 

The UK delegation headed by Deputy Consul General Mel Smart was received by head of the Judicial Council Bangin Qassim Muhammad, the Judiciary Council said in a statement. 

The Kurdish authorities have recently pushed for the establishment of a special court to try ISIS suspects for crimes they perpetrated in the Kurdistan Region.

ISIS occupied swathes of land in Iraq and Syria in 2014, killing and kidnapping a large number of people, especially the Ezidi community, in addition to causing the displacement of millions of people in both countries.  

Since 2014, Erbil and Baghdad have captured  thousands of ISIS suspects. A large number of these suspects are foreigners, while many others have been held captives by the Kurdish forces in northeastern Syria known as Rojava.

On April 28, the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Council of Ministers on approved a draft law for the opening of a criminal court to try suspected ISIS militants in the Kurdistan Region.

It was not clear if the UK diplomats brought up the case of the Badinan convicts and detainees during the meeting. 

The visit came at a time as the judiciary in the Kurdistan Region has come under scrutiny by foreign missions including the British consulate following the case of sentencing of each five journalists and activists to six years in prison over controversial charges. 

The UK consulate was one of the countries that criticized the charges the four were convicted with. 

The consulate general opened a training course for judges and prosecutors in  recent months. 

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