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3 suspects arrested in connection of killing woman a few days ago near Sulaimani: Asayish

  2021-06-17  | 
 Zhyan News Network
A combined photo of three suspected men accused of abetting and killing a woman in Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region, Iraq on June 10,2021. Photo by Sulaimani Governorate Asayish Directorate
 Zhyan News Network

SULAIMANI – The security forces arrested three men including a suspected killer in connection with killing a woman near the city of Sulaimani nearly a week ago, Sulaimani Governorate Asayish Directorate said on Thursday (June 17). 

On June 10, the Asayish (security) forces was informed of the presence of a torched body near Azizawa village in Sulaimani countryside. An investigation was launched into the homicide, the security directorate said in a statement. 

“After investigation, the body turned out to be a woman, 31, with initials B.A.H.,” it said, noting three suspected were apprehended including the killer.

Asayish installed the motive behind the murder as social problems, a term used by the authorities to mean domestic violence, non-political disputed and non-terrorism conflicts.

The main suspect tried to pull the woman into a car, but she confronted him, Asayish said, adding  that the suspect fired three bullets at the woman and discarded her body in an abandoned area outside the city. 

The suspects have been detained in accordance with Article 406 of the Iraqi Penal Code and the probe into the case is ongoing, added the statement.

Femicide is on the rise across the Kurdistan Region despite promises by the authorities to counter the critical issue.

On Wednesday, the police apprehended a man on charges of murdering a woman and throwing her in a cemetery in Saiwan Graveyard south of Sulaimani.

On March 29, a man shot dead a woman in an electricity ministry building in Erbil. 

In April, the death of a 21-year-old Zahra Jassim sparked outrage in the Region after she was shot dead by his former spouse. 

At least 25 women were murdered, 38 others committed suicide, 67 self-immolated, 10,370 lawsuits were lodged and 125 sexual assaults were logged in 2020, according to General Directorate to Combat Violence Against Women.

The numbers may be an undercount as not all violence get reported.

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