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Fuel prices go up in Kurdistan Region amid IQD depreciation

  2021-06-18  | 
 Zhyan News Network
File Photo - A filling station in Hajiawa sub-district, Ranya, Kurdistan Region, Iraq June 8,2021. File by social media
 Zhyan News Network

SULAIMANI – The price of gasoline and diesel slightly rose by 50 Iraqi dinars and 25 Iraqi dinars respectively across the Kurdistan Region on Friday (June 18).

Gasoline is divided into three categories according to quality including in the Region. The price of each quality has climbed by 50 Iraqi dinars ($0,03), while the extra price is by 25 Iraqi dinars ($0,01) for diesel. 

On Thursday, Rapporteur of the Kurdistan Parliament’s Natural Resources Committee Sarko Galalai said in a Facebook post the Region’s refineries have the capacity to allocate sufficient heating oil and gasoline to the local gasoline stations. 

“They [the refineries] sells a refined liter of gasoline to Iraq for 450 Iraqi dinars, but they sell in the markets for 800 Iraqi dinars,” the lawmaker said, playing down the excuses the authorities resort to by attributing the spikes to the devaluation of the Iraqi dinars to the US dollars and the rises in the global crude oil price. 

The spike will inevitably add up to the current economic woes the Region’s people are facing, especially the public sector employees, owing to salary cuts and delays in effect for years. 

The fuel prices have already gone up two-fold in the Region in the past few months. 
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