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Duhok historical church unearthed, probably looted: directorate

  2021-06-21  | 
 Zhyan News Network
(File Photo) An archeological site which was found in Duhok on September, 2020. Photo/Duhok Directorate of Antiquity
 Zhyan News Network

SULAIMANI – Unknown men found and unearthed a historical church in Duhok’s Bardarash district and probably looted valuable antiquities, Duhok’s Directorate of Antiquity said.

Archeologists had already torn down a part of the church and left historical remnants on the site vulnerable for theft in Bardarash’s Maghlob mountain, where several other antiquities have been discovered.

Two historical sites have been unearthed in search for valuable antiquities and perpetrators are still at large, Duhok’s Directorate of Antiquity said.

Around 1,400 archaeological sites have been found in Duhok, and archeologists say there are several other historical places which are yet to be discovered.

Earlier this month, a valuable trove containing around three kilos of old coins found on a site in Sreshma village, 92 kilometers northeast of Erbil.

The coins are expected to date back to Dasne state or an era before Soran state, two medieval Kurdish principalities in the Ottoman Empire hundreds of years ago, said Kurdish lawmaker Ali Hama Salih.

The coins were found in two soapstone jars unearthed in a land owned by a resident of Sreshma village identified as Mam Sabir in Khalifan area, Salih added.

An excavator driver, who has been hired by Mam Sabir to work on his land, discovered the coins while working in the land.

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