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Turkey's shelling sparks power outage in several villages in Duhok

  2021-06-21  | 
 Zhyan News Network
A column of smoke billows after the Turkish army artillery shelled Qomrieye village in Amedi district, Duhok, Kurdistan Region, Iraq, June 21,2021. Photo by Mehvan Amedi/ Zhyan News network
 Zhyan News Network

SULAIMANI – The Turkish army shelled Qomriye village in Barwari Bala region of Kani Masi sub-district northeast of Duhok early on Monday (June 21), causing power blackout in several villages in the area, the village chief (Mukhtar) said.

Mukhtar Omar Kamil told Zhyan News Network that the Turkish artillery fired at many villages in Barwari Bala including Qomriye.

“A mortar shell was fired at a house of a civilian in the village without causing casualty that smashed the windows of a car nearby,” Kamil said.  

Since April 23, Turkey has started a large-scale operation against the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) in the Kurdistan Region's border areas, more notably in northern in Duhok, and and erected several military bases adding up to dozen others in the Region.

The PKK is  Kurdish opposition group that has started an armed struggle against the Turkish authorities since 1984, calling for Kurds' cultural rights. It is based in the Kurdistan Region's mountainous areas. 

The Turkish fires have cut off electricity in Sararo, Adne, Disheh and Ora that have been already evacuated fearing Turkey’s bombardments. 

“We are reaching out to the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), the Government of Iraq, the United Nations and the world powers to put an end to this offensive on the poor,” the Mukhtar said. “Our 40-years toil has wasted.”

More than 40 villages have been evacuated in Darkar and Batifa towns in Zakho district of Duhok fearing Turkey's bombardments, an official previously told Zhyan. A civilian has been killed and four others have been wounded since the operation was launched in late April. 

On Saturday, two PKK members were killed and another was wounded in a Turkish airstrike in Galala village in Sulaimani’s Mawat district.

The conflict has pitted the PKK against the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), the main component of the KRG. Six KDP-affiliated members were killed in two separate incidents as the PKK has denied involvement. 

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