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Turkish strike kills hundreds of sheep in Amedi farming project

  2021-06-24  | 
 Zhyan News Network
Photo shows several sheep killed in Turkish airstrikes against the village of Spidar in Akre on June 24, 2021. Photo and graphic/Zhyan News Network
 Zhyan News Network

SULAIMANI – Turkey bombed a village in Amedi on Thursday (June 24) killing and wounding hundreds of sheep in a farming project, local sources said.

Haji Rasheed Haji, a villager living in Amedi's Spindar village which came under Turkish bombardment, said a sheep farming project was targeted around 3:30 PM.

“Turkish warplanes launched 13 airstrikes against our village as justification for the presence of PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party),” Haji Rasheed Haji told Zhyan News Network.

PKK is an armed Kurdish opposition that has started an armed struggle against the Turkish authorities since 1984, calling for Kurds' and minorities' cultural rights. It is based in the Kurdistan Region's mountainous areas. 

On June 13, four people were killed including a civilian in another Turkish airstrike in Sulaimani's Pishdar region. 

Since April 23, Turkey has started a large-scale operation against the PKK in Duhok’s border areas and erected several military bases adding up to dozen others in the Region.

More than 40 villages have been evacuated in Darkar and Batifa towns in Zakho district of Duhok fearing Turkey's bombardments, an official previously told Zhyan. Four civilians have been wounded in the Turkish operations as well.

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