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Explosive-laden drones target multiple sites in Erbil

  2021-06-26  | 
 Zhyan News Network
Damages inflicted to a house after a drone attack in Bragh village in Erbil on June 26, 2021. Photo/Social Media
 Zhyan News Network

SULAIMANI – Multiple sites near the US Consulate General in Erbil province were targeted by explosive-laden drones early on Saturday (June 26). 

Damages occurred to a house in the village of Bragh, three kilometers from the US Consulate General, and two similar attacks targeted the area of Goma Span, nearly 35 kilometers east of Erbil.

The drone attack in Bragh village, which is located on the road between Pirmam and Erbil, happened around 2:00 AM and caused no casualties, said reporter of Zhyan News Network.

Witnesses told Zhyan reporter that they heard loud booms of two powerful explosions in the village.

The Kurdistan Region’s counter-terrorism unit said three drones, one of which didn’t explode, hit a house in Bragh village and another drone crashed in an empty area on Tarin mountain.

It added that there were slogans written in Arabic on the drones’ wings: “Peace be upon you, Oh beauty of Iraq,” and “In the name of God, Qasim al-Jabbarin,” and “Owner of time,” and “Oh Zahra.”

"The United States condemns Saturday’s drone attack in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region. This attack represents a clear violation of Iraqi sovereignty," the US Consulate General said in a statement.

It was second known attack carried out by an unmanned aerial drone in Erbil, amid a steady stream of rocket attacks on bases hosting US forces and the embassy in Baghdad that Washington blames on Iran-backed militias.

A drone dropped explosives near US forces stationed at Erbil airport in Erbil on April 14, with no reports of casualties.

A barrage of rockets hit a US-led military base in the Erbil International Airport vicinity in February, killing a non-American contractor working with the US military and a civilian.

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