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'Hand-made missile' fired at Deir Ezzor's al-Omar: monitor

  2021-07-13  | 
 Zhyan News Network
File Photo - A makeshift refinery is seen using burners to distill crude oil in Bishiriya village near the town of Qahtaniya west of Rumaylan (Rmeilan) in Syria's Kurdish-controlled northeastern Hasakah province. Photo by Delil Souleiman via Getty Images
 Zhyan News Network

SULAIMANI – A home-made missile was fired at al-Omar oilfield housing the US troops in east of Euphrates region in Deir Ezzor countryside northeast of Syria, second such attacks in less than 24 hours, a war monitor said.

The attack was due to a “home-made missile”, believed to have been fired from areas controlled by Iranian-backed militias in western Euphrates, the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said.

The US forces is in northeastern Syria as part of the global coalition to fight Islamic State (ISIS) militants. 

 The Syrian state-run SANA reported that “pillars of smoke rose from the vicinity of the American occupation base in the al-Omar oil field, without information about the size of the losses."

An explosion was heard in Koniko gas field in the same overnight, also believed to have been caused by a rocket mortar from western Euphrates, according to the SOHR. 
The Kurdish and US-led Coalition officials are yet to comment on the attacks. 

The Kurds are in charge of most of the oilfields in northeastern Syria known as Rojava.

There have been at least five rocket and drone attacks since earlier this month targeting the oilfield amid escalations between the US and Iran-backed Iraqi militia groups after a series of US airstrikes left four militia fighters in Syria and Iraq late in June that has enraged the militia groups. Such attacks are common in Iraq as well. 

There were no reports of casualties caused from both attacks as of yet. 

However, the attacks are not claimed by any groups, but the militia leaders have recently vowed to retaliate against the US airstrikes. 

The US President Joe Biden’s administration has conducted two rounds of airstrikes since taking office on January 20. 

In a meeting in Baghdad last week, Iranian delegation led by Revolutionary Guards intelligence chief Hossein Taeb fostered the militia groups to ratchet up attacks on the US interests, but warned of going too far with it, Reuters reported on Tuesday.

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