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Pope Francis gifted a framed drawing of Alan Kurdi

  2021-03-07  | 
 Zhyan News Network
Abdullah Kurdi, father of three-year-old drowned Alan Kurdi, speaks to Pope Francis after a mass at Erbil’s Franso Hariri Stadium, Kurdistan Region, Iraq, March 7,2021. Photo by Vatican News
 Zhyan News Network

SULAIMANI –  After a mass at Franso Hariri Stadium during the last leg of his three-day trip to Iraq on Sunday (March 7), Pope Francis met with Abdullah Kurdi, the father of famed three-year old drowned kid Alan Kurdi.

Kurdi and his family of Syrian origin, including his three-year-old Alan, his wife and another son along with twenty other migrants, embarked on a smally rubber dinghy in the Turkish town of Bodrum in a hazardous way to reach Europe. 

Luck was not with them, as their boat capsized near the Greek island of Coo on the night of September 2,2015. Alan, his brother Galib and his mother Rehanna were not able to make it through the waterway.

They were buried together the following day.

The Kurdi family is originally from the Kurdish predominantly city of Kobani in northern Syria, where was the hotspot of an intense fight between the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the Islamic State (ISIS) militants for four months.

Alan Kurdi's tiny body lying face-down in the sand washed ashore was circulated on the international media outlets that shook the world and became a symbol of migrants’ plight in the Mediterranean Sea in 2015.

“A long conversation took place between Pope Francis and the father of three-year-old, Alan Kurd,” the Holy See Press Office, an official media outlet that reports on Pope’s activities, said cited by Vatican News.

“He was able to listen to the father's pain for the loss of his family and express his and the Lord's deep participation in the man's suffering,” the media outlet said.

“Mr. Kurdi expressed his gratitude to the Pope for his words of closeness to his tragedy and to that of all those migrants who seek understanding, peace and security when they leave their countries at the risk of their lives.”

The dejected father awarded the pontiff a framed drawing portraying his drowned son, it added.

Pope Francis has pleaded for years for an end to Syria’s conflict, which erupted in 2011 in protests against the ruling regime of President Bashar Bashar al-Assad
before turning the country into an arena for regional and international settle-crossing. 

More than 387,000 people have been killed, key infrastructure has ravaged and millions of the population live in displacement.
"Let us ask for this in praying for the whole Middle East. Here I think especially of neighboring war-torn Syria," Francis said during an interfaith service in southern Iraq on Saturday.

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