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Peshmerga, Germany sign projects to enhance Peshmerga’s capacity

  2021-03-09  | 
 Zhyan News Network
Minister of Peshmerga Affairs Shorsh Ismail (C), head of German forced in Kurdistan Region Hulger Kunkel (L) and German Deputy Consul-General Kathrin Jaschke signs projects proposed by the German contingent for Peshmerga forces’ capacity. Photo by Ministry of Peshmerga Affairs
 Zhyan News Network

SULAIMANI – Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Minister of Peshmerga Affairs and German forces in the Kurdistan Region on Tuesday (March 9) signed on several projects aiming to enhance  Peshmerga forces’ capacity.

The projects were signed during a ceremony attended by Minister of Peshmerga Affairs Shorsh Ismail, Deputy Minister Sarbast Lazgin, commander for the German contingent in the Kurdistan Region Colonel Holger Kunkel and Deputy German Consul–General in Erbil Kathrin Jaschke.

“We valued the step by the German State importantly. We are proud of the historic friendship with the State of Germany,” Ismail said in a Facebook post. “The Peshmerga force will go toward a more developed and advanced phase through the draft projects proposed by them.”

Colonel Holger Kunkel affirmed that his country’s continued assistance and cooperation to the Peshmerga and the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), the Peshmerga ministry said in a statement. 

In February 2018, the Peshmerga ministry declared a 35-point plan to make the Peshmerga a more, modern, efficient and non-partisan force in consultations with advisors from the US, UK, and Germany.

The German commander also said that his country wants to expand the ministry’s reform process by the newly-signed projects.

“We are together important and effective partners in protecting stability, security and defeating terrorists in the area,” the Peshmerga minister said while signing on the projects.

On October 29, the German parliament (Bundestag) decided to extend his country’s military mission in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region for another year.

The German military has around 120 troops in Iraq, with 32 stationed in the Taji Camp in central Iraq, where they train ISF, while the rest 90 are based in Erbil and provide military training to Peshmerga forces.

Ismail also expressed gratitude to the extension of Germany military mission and and the country's support for the Peshmerga forces.

Germany is a member of the 83-memebr Global Coalition against Daesh (ISIS) formed in 2014 and led by the US .

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