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COVID-19 cases to rise by two-fold, three-fold in mid-March: official

  2021-03-11  | 
 Zhyan News Network
File Photo - Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Deputy Minister of Health Rahel Faraidoon (File)
 Zhyan News Network

SULAIMANI – Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Deputy Minister of Health Rahel Faraidoon said on Thursday (March 11) that coronavirus cases will increase by two-fold and three-fold in the middle of March.

In an interview with Voice of America (VOA), Faraidoon also said that no decisions have been made by the KRG Supreme Committee to Combat Coronavirus in the Kurdistan Region about a travel ban during the days of Newroz, a Kurdish national occasion. 

“Most of the current coronavirus infections are from the mutant strain. We predicted this will increase gradually even if it is the old variant, especially from the middle of March onwards,” the health official said. “It will increase two-fold and three-fold.”

Faraidoun also attributed the spike in the COVID-19 cases to “uncensored travel” between the cities of the Kurdistan Region and central and southern Iraq. 

“To affirm my speech, there were not any cases in Halabja city until Sunday and we had few cases in Garmian.” 

The official called for a travel ban to tourists from central and southern Iraq to contain the spread of coronavirus-related cases. 

“We emphasizes our previous proposals, especially a complete prevention to travel by people between the Kurdistan Region and other cities in central and southern Iraq,” Faradioun stated. “There are zero infections in some cities in the Kurdistan Region so far.”

He also called for restrictions to Newroz celebrations.

On March 2, the Region received 5,000 doses of two-administered coronavirus vaccine produced by the Chinese state-run Sinopharm and donated by China.

There has been a significant rise in coronavirus cases in the Kurdistan Region following the emergence of new variants of the virus globally.

On Wednesday, the KRG Ministry of Health recorded 335 new coronavirus cases, four new deaths and 111 recoveries over past 24 hours.
Overall, there have been 111,516 officially-logged cases. Out of that, 104,884 have recovered and 3,546 have died.

The Region recorded the first coronavirus cases on March 1 last year and the cases were climbing before declining to just few tens.

The highest daily infections were logged on October 27 with 1,597 cases.

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