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Iranian court subjects 13 Kurds to lashes: Watchdog

  2021-03-12  | 
 Zhyan News Network
Residents of the Iranian Kurdish city of Saqiz protest against Turkish operations in the Kurdish-held areas of northeastern Syria, October 11, 2019. Photo: social media
 Zhyan News Network

SULAIMANI – The Iranian government has subjected 13 Kurds to lashes over their criticism of Turkish operations in the Kurdish-held areas of northeastern Syria, human rights group said on Saturday (March 12).

The men are residents of the Iranian Kurdish city of Mariwan, each of them was sentenced to a six-month prison term and 30 lashes, Hengaw Human Rights Organization reported.

They have been accused of “undermining general security through illegal protests and confronting the security forces.”

In October 2019, Turkey transferred its army into northeastern Syria in a large military operation to carve out a “safe zone”, accusing Kurdish forces who fought with the United States against the Islamic State group as “terrorists”.

Iranian Kurds in several Kurdish cities and provinces on October 12, 2019 came to the streets in protest Turkey’s incursion into Syria’s Kurdish populated and controlled northeast

Several Kurdish civilians were killed as a result of Turkish shelling and airstrikes in Syria. The United States adopted a tough tone against Turkey’s operation, threatening sanctions if Ankara continues its random operation and overwhelming force.

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