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Kolbar killed under torture by Turkey after arrest in Iran’s West Azerbaijan

  2021-03-13  | 
 Zhyan News Network
File Photo - A Kolbar (porter) is seen who carries heavy loads of contraband on their backs across borderlands between western Iran and eastern Kurdistan Region. (File)
 Zhyan News Network

SULAIMANI – A Kolbar (Kurdish porter) had been killed under torture by a force affiliated with the Turkish security forces, a Kurdish watchdog said on Saturday by (March 13).

On Friday, a Turkish armed force arrested at least ten Kolbars in Qotur area near West Azerbaijan’s Urmia city in the Iranian Kurdistan, Hengaw Organization for Human Rights, which reports on human rights abuses in the Iranian Kurdistan, said. 

“One of the Kolbars lost his life under torture and beating,” the watchdog reported, as naming the casualty as 23-year-old Burhan Muhammadi.

Muhammadi’s family has not been able to restore his body to Iran so far due to a current imposed travel ban by Iran’s authority to contain the coronavirus spread, Hengaw said.

Two Kolbars were shot and wounded by direct fire from the Iranian security forces  in Nawsud area in Kermanshah province on March 8, according to the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN), another watchdog. 

Kolbars carry heavy loads of contraband on their backs across the western Iran and eastern Kurdistan Region, blaming the high rate of unemployment in Iran’s Kurdish-populated provinces, where many of the porters come from.

Working in the smuggling trade on the border between Iran and Kurdistan Region has cost the lives of hundreds of Kurdish porters.

Over 16 Kolbars died and were injured due to direct fire from Iranian security forces, landmines, natural disasters in February. 

Fifty-nine Kolbars died and 179 were injured, mostly due to shootings from Iranian security forces in 2020, Hangaw said in December in its year-end report. 

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