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Detained Kurdish activist calls family: look after my children

  2021-03-16  | 
 Zhyan News Network
Collective image of Kurdish activist Shivan Saed and his daughter with her eyes full of tear.
 Zhyan News Network

SULAIMANI – Four of the detained Kurdish activists and journalists, who are serving a six-year prison sentence, held a phone call with their family members on Tuesday (March 16), demanding interference by rights organizations and consulates.

In a phone call with his father, journalist Shivan Saed said that “he has a strong will” and asked his father to look after his children, his brother Mehvan Saed said.

Journalist Saed spoke with his father for three minutes, during which he called the trial against them “unjust” and asked for investigation by the rights organizations and consulates, Mehvan Saed added.

Detained journalist Sherwan Sherwani also spoke by phone with his family members for one minute and 30 seconds, urging them “to not believe what they say on television” about alleged charges against him.

Another detained activist, Guhdar Zebari told his family “not to worry about him, his head is high and his will is strong,” his brother Zedan Mohammed told Zhyan News Network.

In a phone call with his brother, Hariwan Issa asked for his case to be considered more carefully.

On February 16, five previously detained journalists and activists were sentenced to six years in prison after being convicted by Branch 2 of Erbil’s Criminal Court of controversial charges of “taking pictures of forbidden places”, releasing information about the movement of the security forces”, and “receiving money from outside the Kurdistan Region for exchanging information about the security agencies.”

The defendants all denied the charges against them and lawyers lamented a “bad” ruling, saying the charges had “previously been decided.”

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