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Kurdistan Region to hold no official ceremonies for Newroz

  2021-03-17  | 
 Zhyan News Network
File -A healthcare worker looks on at Corona Treatment Center in Erbil (File)
 Zhyan News Network

SULAIMANI – As anti-COVID-19 committees and officials announcing, there will be no official ceremonies by the Kurdistan Region's local governments for Newroz rite, the coming of Kurdish New Year and spring in the coming days. 

On Wednesday (March 17), Sulaimani Governorate Supreme Committee to Combat Coronavirus and Supreme Security Committee met to evaluate the current state of COVID-19 pandemic in the governorate and plans to organize affairs during the Neworz holiday.  

The committee decided that there will be no official public congregations during the holiday and called on people to abide by the protective health measures and don face masks, Sulaimani Governor Haval Abubakir said in a statement.

Also on Wednesday, head of Erbil Central District Nabaz Abdul Hameed that there will be no official celebrations for Newroz in the governorate as measures to protect the public from infecting the contagious disease.

Abdul Hameed also said that there will be a small event through lighting a bonfire, as he called on the public to adhere to anti-COVID-19 health measures through wearing face masks and other measures.

On Monday, Duhok Deputy Governor Majid Said Salih said that people are free to come out during the holiday but called on them to avoid congregating, wear face masks and adhere to other health measures.

Newroz is a Kurdish traditional holiday, the first day of spring and the New Kurdish Year. The Kurds usually start celebrating it on or around every March 21 through dressing in Kurdish traditional garments and celebrating it by picnicking and carrying out cheerful traditional Kurdish dances and songs.

There has been a significant rise in coronavirus cases in the Kurdistan Region following the emergence of new variants of the virus globally.

Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Ministry of Health said on Wednesday that 7.8 percent of the new coronavirus cases are from the new strains.

On Wednesday, the KRG Ministry of Health recorded 548 new coronavirus cases, three new deaths and 201 recoveries over past 24 hours.

Overall, there have been 113,998 officially-logged cases. Out of that, 106,092 have recovered and 3,577 have died.

The Region recorded the first coronavirus cases on March 1 last year and the cases were climbing before declining to just few tens.

The highest daily infections were logged on October 27 with 1,597 cases.

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