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Bookworm barred by Asayish to open library in an Erbil village

  2021-03-18  | 
 Zhyan News Network
Young enthiaist book reader Sihad Yasin who says is barred by Asayish and Sidakan sub-district management office to open a library in Darhol village in Erbil's Soran district. Photo published by Yasin on March 14,2021 on his Facebook account
 Zhyan News Network

SULAIMANI – A young enthusiast book reader in a village in Erbil’s Sidakan sub-district says he has been prevented by the security forces and town management office from opening a library in his home village.

Sihad Yasin, a resident of Darhol village in Erbil’s Soran district, has said on his official Facebook account that he has tried several times to open a library for those who are interested in reading books in his village, but to no avail. 

Yasin said that he has failed to open the library due to barriers by Asayish, an affiliated security agency within the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), and the Sidakan sub-district administration.

“Preventing the opening of libraries carried no meanings rather than they [officials] are against books,” Yasin said. “Whenever the library is opened, I will send books to the officials before everyone at my expense, because nobody needs books than them,” Yasin said.

“I understand it now what are books. If there were no books, what we are that causes those officials frenzied, shocked, panicked and palpitated from our ideas and activities.”

The young reader has also put a writing document from head of General Directorate of Public Libraries at the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Minister of Culture and Youth Diyari Aziz in a comment, indicating Aziz call to ministry’s deputy Salar Osman to make attempts to open the library.

“I directly visited the sub-district and the library and put some books,” Aziz said in written paper, noting Asayish and the officials in the town “do not think it is good to open the library.”

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