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US President Biden sends congratulatory Newroz message

  2021-03-21  | 
 Zhyan News Network
US President Joe Biden addresses his audience during his presidential campaign at the Chase Center, Wilmington, Delaware, US, November 6,2020. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)
 Zhyan News Network

Sulaimani – US President Joe Biden delivered his warm congratulatory message to those who celebrate Newroz, the White House said in a statement on Saturday (March 20).

“Spring is an eternal symbol of renewal and rebirth, with light and hope filling the hearts of people from the United States to Iran, Central Asia, the Caucuses, the Middle East, and Europe. That is the message and the joy of Nowruz that we are honoring with a Haft-Sin table in the White House,” Biden’s office said.

“This year, perhaps more than ever, that message is badly needed.  After all our pain and loss, we are reminded that better days lie ahead and that we all must work together to achieve a shared future of greater peace, prosperity, and understanding.”

Newroz (Nowruz) is the beginning of spring and the Kurdish New Year, in which Kurds celebrate it by lighting bonfires, wearing Kurdish traditional clothing and picking with family and friends. It is celebrated by many nations in Middle East, Central Asia and Caucasian nations, more notably by Kurds and Persians.

It is being celebrated at a time when the world is hardly hit by the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic.

On Saturday, the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Ministry of Health logged 195 new coronavirus cases, six new deaths and 162 recoveries over past 24 hours.

Overall, there have been 115,210 officially-logged cases since the start of the pandemic in early March 2020. Out of that, 106,677 have recovered and 3,591 have died.

“As we continue to make progress against COVID-19, I hope that soon our virtual celebrations will return to the joy and community we feel gathering together with family and friends,” added the White House.

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