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Court summons 2 Kurdish MPs in Sulaimani for defamation

  2021-04-04  | 
 Zhyan News Network
Collective image of Kurdish lawmakers Ali Hama Salih and Daban Mohammed. Photo/social media
 Zhyan News Network

SULAIMANI – A court has summoned two Kurdish lawmakers Ali Hama Salih and Daban Mohammed to appear in court over “defamation” charges, the politicians said on social media attaching copies of the requests on Sunday (March 4).

“We will voluntarily appear before court and prove what we have said regarding smuggling [at Bashmakh border crossing],” the deputies from Change Movement (Gorran) said.

Ali Hama Saleh and Daban Mohamadhad had previously expressed concern and warned against “continued smuggling” taking place at the Kurdistan Region’s border crossings on several occasions through social media.

The Kurdistan Parliament in February stripped the MPs of their office’s guaranteed protection from prosecution in response to a request from a court in Sulaimani’s Penjwen town. 

The two were sued by the administration of the Bashmakh border crossing with Iran for “harming” its reputation by accusing it of being involved in smuggling.

“Bashmakh has become a big center for smuggling in present and past… 65% of the Kurdistan Region’s cigarettes is exported by smuggling,” the Gorran MPs said.

They accused the administration of the Bashmakh border crossing of “illegally” allowing importation of automobiles, egg, frozen chicken, dates and fish.

“Courts and the general prosecutor are only spectators who are wretchedly gazing at the smugglers, they try us instead of trying those who took hundred millions of dollars and do smuggling,” the paid said.

“We prove everything in court precisely with mentioning names, we hope that court protects its independence.”

(Zhyan News Network)