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Education minister promises prioritizing non-bond teachers employment

  2021-04-04  | 
 Zhyan News Network
File Photo - a number of non-contract teachers protest somewhere in the Kurdistan Region calling for their permanent employment - File
 Zhyan News Network

SULAIMANI – A number non-contract teachers met with Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Minister of Education Alan Hama Said and were promised to prioritize them whenever KRG reopen employment opportunities. 

There are nearly 17,000 non-bond teacher that carrying no permanent employment status in the Kurdistan Region.

In March, the KRG Ministry of Education and Planning decided to pay 300,000 Iraqi dinars ($206.3) to bachelor's degree holders and 250,000 to diploma carriers for last October, November and December.

One of the members of the Non-Contract Teachers Karzan Jamal told Zhyan News Network that they were supposed to hold a demonstration but it was postponed due to the state of the coronavirus pandemic and a request by the education minister for a meeting with them. 

“It was decided in the meeting that the noncontract teachers will be prioritized whenever the rooms to employment is opened, because the non-contract teachers have much service and it is their rights to be employed,” Jamal said. 

Hama Said promised to follow up on the teachers’ financial entitlements, the teacher said.

He also said that the education ministry has sent a written document to the finance ministry to spend the financial entitlement for last November.

The non-bond teachers have protested and been promised several times by the authorities to meet their demands. 

The KRG installed several austerity measures in 2014 to purportedly fight an economic and financial crisis in a bid to save some cash to pay its bloated wage bill, such as a suspension to permanent employment.

But the KRG accepted rooms for on-bond and non-bond positions, among them for teachers, where they are paid a lump sum per months for their active service. The payment is lower than for permanent employment.

(Zhyan News Network)