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Official questions why senior leaders not administered COVID-19 vaccines

  2021-04-06  | 
 Zhyan News Network
File Photo - Deputy of the Sulaimani General Health Director Herish Salim - File
 Zhyan News Network

SULAIMANI – Deputy of the Sulaimani General Health Director Herish Salim on Tuesday (April 6) that no one has the courage to ask the senior officials and leaders why they have not administered the COVID-19 vaccines to assure people of its safety us and encourage them to be vaccinated. 

“This question is asked a lot why the Region’s senior officials have not administered coronavirus vaccines like leaders of other countries to assure the Region’s people of its safety,” Salim said, who is from the Change Movement (Gorran).

“Nobody has had the courage to ask them in person. I hope they have answers for such questions,” he said. 

The health official also said that the vaccination by senior leaders and officials "is first for creating trust and the second to foster people to use it without fear and anxiety."

The Kurdistan Region received 5,000 shots of the Chinese state-made Sinipharm and 43,800 doses of AstraZenca vaccines in recent months and the KRG Ministry of Health has started vaccinating healthcare workers, physicians, security personnel and other people against the contagious disease. 

There has have been spikes in the COVID-19 cases in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq following the emergence of new strains of the pathogen globally, especially the UK and South African variants.

Over the past three days, the Region recorded over 1,000 infections, the highest single-day surges since last November. 

On Tuesday, the KRG health ministry logged 856 COVID-19 cases, twelve deaths and 432 recoveries over the past 24 hours.

There have been 127,047 official cases. 111,926 have recovered and 3,743 have died since the pandemic reached the Region in March last year.

The highest daily infections were logged on October 27 with 1,597 cases.

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