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Over 100k pieces of smuggled drugs seized in 2021 first quarter

  2021-04-07  | 
 Zhyan News Network
Fiile Photo - A pharmacist check medicines in Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region. Photo by Sulaimani Chamber of Commerce and Industry (File)
 Zhyan News Network

SULAIMANI – Representative of the Sulaimani Health Directorate within the Sulaimani Mayor Office Joint Committees Parst Naqshbandi said on Tuesday (April 6) that 100,000 pieces of various drugs smuggled into the governorate were seized in the first quarter in 2021.  

The medicines had been expired, bearing no brands or sources, and badly stored, Naqishbandi said.

He also noted that the task force made 280 visits to the pharmacies and clinics  where people usually visit.

“There were 180 violations, 45 places were closed and fifteen others were warned, as well as two places were referred to court for recurring violations ," he said.

The official said all the confiscated medicines will be destroyed by a special committee at a later time. 

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