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Kurdistan Region imposes partial lockdown as Covid-19 cases rise

  2021-04-08  | 
 Zhyan News Network
FILE - A security man stands in an empty street during a curfew imposed by Kurdish authorities, following a spike in coronavirus cases, in Sulaimani, March 14. 2020.
 Zhyan News Network

SULAIMANI – Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) ministry of interior decided on Wednesday (April 7) to impose a total late-night lockdown between 8 PM and 6 AM to combat the corona pandemic.

The curfew measure will go into effect on April 8 and will continue for four days until April 12, according to a statement from the KRG’s interior ministry.

According to the fresh measures, UN-affiliated organizations, security forces, health workers, oil companies, and journalists are exempt from the curfew.

Border crossings between the Kurdistan Region and other parts of Iraq will remain open for exchange of business, the said in a statement.

New rules and restrictions comes in light of the renewed increase in the number of infections and following a spike in coronavirus cases across the Kurdistan Region.

The Kurdistan Regional Government's (KRG) Ministry of Health said on Wednesday (April 7) that it had officially recorded the highest-single day COVID-19 cases in the Kurdistan Region over the past 24 hours with 1,217 officially-recorded cases following the recent spikes in the caseloads. 

It was the third time the infections reached over 1,000 in the past few days since November 12 as 1,014 cases were logged on Sunday and 1,045 on Monday.

Thirteen of the coronavirus-related patients died of the contagious lung disease, which was the highest daily death toll in a 24-hour time span in five months.

Overall, there have been 128,264 officially-logged cases. Out of that, 112,334 have recovered and 3,756 have died.

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