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Mosques to open in Ramadan but with new strict health measures

  2021-04-11  | 
 Zhyan News Network
File Photo -Muslim prayers perform a prayer with abiding by social-distancing in a mosque in the Kurdistan Region during the holy fasting month of Ramadan. File
 Zhyan News Network

SULAIUMANI – Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Committee to Combat Coronavirus said on Sunday (April 11) that the mosques will be opened during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan but with new strict protective health measures to curb the COVID-19 pandemic in the Kurdistan Region. 

The anti-COVID-19 task force authorized the KRG  Ministry of Endowment and Religious Affairs to issue new instructions during the month to curb the spread of coronavirus pandemic in the Kurdistan Region.

Isha and Tarawih prayers should not be more than 35 minutes and no food should be served inside and outside the mosques, the ministry said in a statement. 

Prayers should perform ablution (wudu), a specific action of washing certain body parts before prayers, at home, according to the new directives. 

The prayers should wear face masks, bring their own prayer mats and not wave hands, the ministry stated. 

Two persons will be tasked to mete out face masks and spray disinfectant on prayers near the mosques’ premises. 

The women praying halls will be closed and nightly sermons will be banned, according to the instructions, as it warned it will shutter mosques that failing to abide by the instructions. 

The health officials have warned of a hazardous rise in the infections and some have asked for relative lockdowns.

On Sunday, the Kurdistan Region’s health ministry logged 1,129 new coronavirus cases, 11 new deaths and 360 recoveries over past 24 hours.

Overall, there have been 132,270 officially-logged cases. Out of that, 113,959 have recovered and 3,786 have died.

On Sunday, Iraq’s Sunni Endowment Office and the KRG religion ministry announced Tuesday (April 13) as the first day of Ramadan, a month which most Muslims avoid eating food  and  drinking water between sunrise and sunset for the entire month.

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