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Married Yezidi woman commits suicide in Nineveh's Shekhan

  2021-04-19  | 
 Zhyan News Network
Married Yezidi woman Najwa Ismail who committed suicide in Bozava community in Sinjar district, Nineveh, Iraq, April 19,2021. Graphic by Zhyan News Network
 Zhyan News Network

SULAIMANI – A 18-year-old woman hanged herself in his parent’s home in Bozava community of Shekhan district in Nineveh governorate after getting married over two months ago, witnesses told Zhyan News Network. 

The motive behind the death of Najwa Ismial is unknown so far.

On Sunday night, a 20-year-old woman took her life with a gunshot in the disputed sub-district of Shwan in Kirkuk governorate. 

The activists and local and international organizations have warned of a rise of suicides among the Yezidi women following the recapture of Sinjar from Islamic State (ISIS) control over three years ago and the rescuing of many YezidI woman from the militant group’s captivity. 

250 Yezidis terminated their lives in 2020, while eleven women committed suicides in a ten-day span in January 2021. 

Overall in the Kurdistan Region, there have been a rise in femicides or suicides in the past few days. 

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