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Masoud Barzani 'not the right person' to be marja of Kurdistan: MP

  2021-04-20  | 
 Zhyan News Network
Kurdish member of the Iraqi Parliament Kawa Mohammed from Kurdistan Hope Alliance.
 Zhyan News Network

SULAIMANI – The leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) Masoud Barzani “is not the right person” to be “marja” of the Kurds, said a Kurdish member of the Iraqi Parliament Kawa Mohammed on Tuesday (April 20), expressing support for a speech by the head of Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) bloc.

During an interview with an Iraqi media outlet Al-Ahd TV, the head of PUK bloc in Iraqi Parliament Alla Talabani, criticized Barzani for not attending a meeting between the Kurdistan Region President and leaders of the Kurdish parties.

She said the reason behind his absence is that he and his party consider him as the supreme political marja for the Kurdistan Region.

“He considers himself as the supreme political marja. With all my due respect to Masoud Barzani, he is a brother and revolutionary. The KDP and he see him as marja. Yes, it is their marja, but not to the whole Kurdistan. We do not have a marja,” she told Al-Ahd TV.

Several KDP officials reacted with disappointment and opposition to Talabani’s speech, including one of Barzani’s advisors.

One of Barzani’s advisors, Massoud Haidar slammed Talabani’s speech and said “President Masoud Barzani is marja of the people of Kurdistan.”

“Political marja of the people of Kurdistan, has been shaped by president Barzani’s struggle, position and charisma by a 60-year-long revolution history full of sovereignty for the people of Kurdistan,” Haidar said on his Facebook account.

According to a Kurdish member of the Iraqi Parliament Kawa Mohammed from Kurdistan Hope Alliance, attempts by the KDP to make a supreme political “marja” is “a threat” against sovereignty of law and will enforce “dictatorship.”

In a post on his Facebook account, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Qubad Talabani, criticized “a mentality that attacks the personality and body of a female politician on justification of political disputes” attaching a photo of him and Alla Talabani.

“How deep and wide the political conflicts would be… they should not become an excuse and justification for immorality and a reason to exceed limits of ethic,” said KRG Deputy Prime Minister.

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