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Halabja's Health Directorate denies corruption allegations

  2021-04-27  | 
 Zhyan News Network
FILE PHOTO: A photo shows outside of Halabja Health Directorate building.
 Zhyan News Network

SULAIMANI – Halabja’s Directorate of Health denied on Tuesday (April 27) corruption accusations made by one doctor, saying there are attempts to “mislead public opinion.”

Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Ministry of Health formed an investigative committee to probe into allegations made by a healthcare worker about corruption in the health sector in Halabja governorate.

On Tuesday (April 27), doctor Bakhan Azad claimed “The ring in the Halabja health sector has deceived not only the Halabja people but also the government… A surgery was performed with 1.450 million Iraqi dinars but only 750,000 was written on the bill.”

Azad claimed at a news conference that she was relocated from Halabja General Health Directorate after she revealed several corruption-related cases in Halabja General Health Directorate.

Halabja health officials said all accusations made by Bakhan Azad are “far away from truth” and attempts to divert attention from investigations into lawsuits filed by the province’s directorate of health.

“We will soon reveal the outcome of the lawsuits and the realities to the public opinion,” Halabja’s Directorate of Health said in a statement.

Bakhan Azad claimed “Blood should be given to patients free of charge but it has been sold with 45,000 with empty bills.”

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