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May Day to mourn workers who died on the job in Kurdistan

  2021-05-01  | 
 Zhyan News Network
 Zhyan News Network

SULAIMANI – Ten laborers have lost their lives on the job in the first quarter of 2021 in the Kurdistan Region. Sulaimani was the deadliest governorate for workers, with seven laborers died. 

Each year on this date, labor unions, other advocacy groups and family members mark International Workers’ Day also known as May Day in support of working-class demands.

This May Day has a different timbre than previous ones, which have tended to focus on explosions, transportation accidents, falls, trench collapses and other easily measurable events, which develop over time and take hundreds of lives a year.

According to the findings, compiled from Sulaimani’s Workers’ Syndicate Union, 100 violations against laborers have been recorded at 981 projects and construction sites in the last four months.

A total of 3,886 laborers work at 8,533 projects and construction sites, the syndicate said.

The head of Sulaimani’s Workers’ Syndicate Union, Chalak Rauf Faraj told Zhyan News Network that 35 workers have died on the job in 2020, including seven Sulaimani laborers.
On April 15, one worker was killed and three others were wounded in an explosion at a scrap metal processing facility in Sulaimani.

The blast occurred at Master Steel Factory in Sulaimani’s Tanjaro area. One worker died at hospital from wounds inflicted due to the explosion.

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