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Cake found in Duhok market laced with pills causes panic

  2021-02-25  | 
 Zhyan News Network
 Zhyan News Network

SULAIMANI – Photos of a packaged cake product has been going viral in the province of Duhok, showing tablets concealed inside the snack when opened.

The photos have been circulating in the Kurdistan Region lately with the claim that the “Iranian” brand has "released its new cake with tablets inside".

Several pockets of “Istaham Cake Brand” were first found in a Duhok market. Speaking to Zhyan News Network, Avraz Duhoki the owner of market said that he knew about the cake product on Wednesday (February 24) after a student bought one of them and took it back blaming that “tablets concealed inside the snack.”

Duhoki said after the incident, he opened up and checked some other cakes and found a tablet that was apparently hidden inside.

“The cake is Iranian brand and there are many of them in Duhok market. The health teams and investigative committees should immediately confiscate the cake products and prevent its sale,” he added.

In a similar incident in November 2019, a video caused panic all over the world, which was filmed in the Kurdistan Region showing tablets hidden inside a Turkish brand cake called Luppo.

In November 2, Municipality of Kurdistan Region’s Dukan district posted a video and a series of photos showing white tablets concealed in cakes by the same brand, saying the cakes which have been sold by a market in the district were confiscated.

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