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PUK-affiliated force redeployed to Zini Warte near Mount Qandil

  2021-05-04  | 
 Zhyan News Network
 Zhyan News Network

SULAIMANI – Kurdish forces affiliated with Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) were redeployed to Zini Warte near Qandil mountain, where the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) are headquartered.

The force will provide security for the area and establish a military base, a military commander Shamal Warte told Zhyan News Network, amid intensified Turkish military operations against the PKK.

According to the Kurdish commander, Zini Warte is under jurisdiction of the PUK authority from Rabarin administration, giving the party responsibility to neutralize mounting security threats in the area.

“This area is a part of Raparin administration geographically, politically and administratively, allowing PUK to deal with it. The area has had been a green zone and PUK has suffered several martyrs in this place,” he said.

An Asayish official, told Zhyan News Network on condition of anonymity that the area is “strategic and important” inspiring the need for the transfer of an Asayish post from Pilingane area in Ranya to Zini Warte.

“We have brought a number of tents and primary needs to Zini Warte, we will bring all the needed equipment to the military base in an aim to secure the area,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Iraqi army said the border force has established four military bases in Duhok near Turkish military bases.

Lieutenant Colonel Hasan, deputy commander of Iraq’s 2nd regiment from Brigade 4th said the border force will prevent further incursion by the Turkish military into the Kurdistan Region.

Hasan said the military bases will be established on Hami heights near Bigovaya Society on the right side of Mount Kista, Mount Baduke, Maye heights and Binav heights.

On April 23, Turkey launched cross-border land and air operations codenamed “Operation Claw-Lightning” and “Claw-Thunderbolt” in PKK-controlled Duhok’s Avasin, Metina and Zap areas in northern Duhok governorate.

Turkey oftentimes anti-PKK operations in the Kurdistan Region’s border areas. Its airstrike and artillery shelling are almost a daily recurrence there.

Cross-border land and air violations by Turkey has tripled on a daily average since 2017, according to records submitted by Iraq to the UN Security Council (UNSC).

Despite casualties on part of PKK and Turkey, no civilian death has been reported since the outset of the new Turkish push, but at least thirteen civilians were killed in a Turkish operation in 2020.

Since July 20, 2015, the conflict between Turkish security forces and the PKK has claimed more than 5,311 lives on both sides in Turkey and the Kurdistan Region, including 541 civilians, 1,279 Turkish state security members, 226 individuals of unknown affiliation and 3,265 PKK members, according to the latest data by the Belgium-based International Crisis Group.

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