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Iraqi, Iranian border officials meet amid surge in border armed attacks

  2021-05-05  | 
 Zhyan News Network
Kaka Bra Ramadan Ahmed Dawdi meet with Iranian counterpart Ahmad Ali Goodarzi in a border area in Sulaiman, Kurdistan Region, Iraq, May 5,2021. Photo by IRNA
 Zhyan News Network

SULAIMANI – Iranian and Iraqi border guards met in a border area in Sulaimani on Wednesday (May 5) and discussed mutual cooperation in the wake of the killing of an Iranian border guard by an identified armed group in a borderland the day before. 

On Tuesday, an Iranian border guard was killed in a confrontation with an armed group at Darnakhi checkpoint in Kurdistan province’s Marivan, state-funded IRNA reported.

Iraqi border commander Kaka Bra Ramadan Ahmed Dawdi meet with Iranian counterpart Ahmad Ali Goodarzi in Sulaimani to “bar the illegal movement of miscreants and dissident groups at the borders and stressed the importance of paying special attention to this issue," reported the news agency. 

They discussed stepping up mutual coordination and strengthening ties and further meetings between the two border forces, according to the news agency. 

The Kurdish armed opposition are active in the border areas between the Kurdistan Region and Iran as they call for more Kurdish cultural rights in the Iranian Kurdistan, especially education in their tongue. 

On April 21, two Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) were killed in a clash with “anti-revolution elements”, a term used by the Iranian authorities to mean anti-government armed Kurdish groups in its western borderlands.

In 2020, at least five border guards were killed in October and Novemeber in separate clashes in the border areas adjacent the Kurdistan Region

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