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Turkman Front members detained after attacking police patrol in Kirkuk

  2021-05-06  | 
 Zhyan News Network
A number of Turkman Front members attacks a police patrol in Kirkuk, Iraq, May 5,2021. Photo courtesy of social media
 Zhyan News Network

SULAIMANI – Iraq’s Security Media Cell (SMC) said on Thursday (May 6) that the security forces arrested several members of Iraqi Turkman Front after a federal a security patrol come under attack in Kirkuk late on Wednesday.

Videos circulated on social media featuring a number of the party’s attacked a police patrol on Kirkuk-Baghdad road. 

The security media cell said the police force was protecting a member of the paty from being attacked by others. 

“The orders were issued to enforce the law and conduct the process of arresting the attackers on the rescue patrol and refer them to the judiciary to obtain their fair punishment,” head of the media cell, Saad Man, tweeted. 

“This comes within the framework of the concern to preserve the prestige of the security forces and the categorical rejection of any violation of the members of this sacrificial institution that seeks to achieve security and stability, combat crime and terrorism, and promote societal peace,” the security cell added. 

Security in Kirkuk has aggravated since October 2017 when the Kurdish forces withdrew the governorate and the federal forces retook the helm.

The city and surroundings areas are prone to armed attacks and bomb blasts by Islamic State (ISIS) militants, especially in the lines where there are security voids between the Peshmerga and federal army forces that are exploited by ISIS militants and armed group. 

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