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KRG refutes handover of Kurdish politician to Turkey in January

  2021-02-25  | 
 Zhyan News Network
 Zhyan News Network

SULAIMANI – Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG)  Ministry of Interior on Thursday (February 25) refuted a claim by a Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) affiliated media of handing over a Kurdish politician activist to Turkey in January. 

On February 24, Roj News, a media outlet close to the PKK, alleged that Asayish (security) forces affiliated with the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) had handed over politician Omar Bartan on January 25 to Turkey after nineteen months passed over his detention in the Kurdistan Region's capital city of Erbil.

The 48-year Bartan was arrested in July 2019 in Erbil less than a month after he fled Turkey. Bartan spent twelve years in prison in Turkey, according to the news agency.

“We are rejecting this news completely and recognizing it as another news by PKK misleading media to defame the Kurdistan Regional Government,” the KRG ministry said in a statemen“Thus this news has no basis.”

Bartan’s family did not have information about their son’s condition when he was in custody in the Region until Turkish authorities informed his family that he is in a prison in southeastern Sirnak province according to media outlets close to the PKK. 

Bartan also told his family that the KDP forces threw him handcuffed and blindfolded north of Ibrahim Khalil border crossing’s gate where the Turkish police apprehended and took him to  the jail, Roj News reported.

PKK has taken up arms against the Turkish authorities for Kurdish rights in the country since 1978.

PKK and KDP are at odds over many issues, as the latter enjoys cordial relations with Turkey.

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