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Hundreds of thousands of trees in danger if sufficient budget not secured: MP

  2021-05-11  | 
 Zhyan News Network
File Photo - A view of Hawari Shar Park in Sulaimani in March,2020. Photo Courtesy of Social Media
 Zhyan News Network

SULAIMANI – Lawmaker of Kurdistan Parliament Ali Hama Salih said on Tuesday (May 11) that hundreds of thousands of trees are in danger of going dry if the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) does not allocate 1.1 billion Iraqi dinars ($752.14) for irrigation.  

“The rate of vegetation and trees are at a good level in Sulaimani, but hundreds of thousands of trees are at risk of going dry due to not securing 1.1 billion Iraqi dinars,” Hama Salih said in a statement. 

The Ministry of Finance and Economy has requested the fund to the KRG Council of Ministers, the lawmaker said, who is from the Change Movement (Gorran).

There are about 650 gardens, 12 parks, 330 fountains and three million trees, according to the lawmaker. 

“It is about to vanish what has been built in years that has a greater value more than money,” he said. 

The lawmaker reiterated that he would make endeavors with his counterparts to secure the sufficient fund to retain the trees green.

The Kurdistan Region, more notably Sulaimani governorate, is experiencing a low level of rainfall this year and the officials have warned of drought and called on the government to introduce plans to counter it. 

Another main factor that has led to the reduction in the level of the water flows is Iran’s upstream on Great and Little Zab rivers entering the Kurdistan Region.

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