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Mystery of why hundreds of fish have died in Dukan Lake

  2021-05-12  | 
 Zhyan News Network
Collective image of hundreds of fish washed up on shore of Dukan Lake in Sulaimani Province. Photos/Raparin Police
 Zhyan News Network

SULAIMANI – Hundreds of fish have floated to the surface of Dukan Lake in Sulaimani Province and authorities blame wheat farmers for the deaths.

Insecticides used by farmers nearby Dukan Lake to protect their wheat production, poisoned the lake and caused the death of the fishes, Raparin Forest Police told Zhyan News Network, saying investigations are still ongoing.

“We have investigated and opened a case in court, inquiries are ongoing, we suspect the farmers in the area who are busy spraying their wheat with insecticides,” Raparin Forest Police said.

“They [farmers] may have washed the equipment used to spray the insecticides in the lake, or they may have poisoned the lake on purpose.”

The fishes have died during the close season. Every year, usually between March and June, our rivers begin to reawaken, this is the season best known for renewal and rebirth of the fish.

The ban is partially removed in mid June, with specific restrictions.

“Now fishing is forbidden, such kind of hunting by using drugs is crime, it killed all the living in the water. We are looking for the doers,” Raparin Forest Police said.

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