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‘Racist attack’ against Erbil family in Turkey’s Mersin goes viral

  2021-05-14  | 
 Zhyan News Network
A woman cries after her husband fainted and son was injured in an attack by some Turks in in Gozsuzce neighborhood in Mersin’s Bozyazı district on May 13,2021. Photo courtesy of social media
 Zhyan News Network

SULAIMANI – A footage circulated on social media went viral showing a Kurdish tourist family from Erbil was attacked with stones by some Turks in Gozsuzce neighborhood in Mersin’s Bozyazı district on Thursday (May 13). 

Video clips shared on social media showed a Kurdish woman crying near her fainted husband and her 12-13-years-old son were attacked by four Turks with stones.

“The man fainted, dashing towards the barriers. They tried to throw the man off the cliff,” eyewitness Cihan Kutluk told the media outlets, reported by Mezopotamya Ajansi, noting that his son was also injured.

"When I saw that they made a gray wolf sign by cursing the Kurds, I realized that there was a fascist attack," eyewitness Cihan Kutluk told the media outlets, reported by . "They swore at the Kurds for 5 minutes.”

The fainted man was evacuated to a police station and he was taken to a hospital afterwards. 

On Thursday, Erbil Governor Omed Khoshnaw condemned the attack in the strongest terms and called on the Turkish consulate general in Erbil to made a clarification on the attack.

“We will not accept such attacks in any place and area against our townspeople and will condemn it in the strongest terms,” Khoshnaw said.

The senior Kurdish official said that the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Department of Foreign Affairs and the Turkish Consulate General in Erbil were telephoned for the same incident. 

“An investigation should be opened into the issue through the law and the cause of the inhumane attack and assault against the family should be settled, as well as the assailants and criminals should face their strictest legal penalty,” he added.

In a latter statement, Khoshnaw said that Turkish Consul-general Hakan Karacay spoke with him over the phone and assure him that the Kurdish family’s condition is stable, as well as three people were arrested in connection of the attack.

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