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Kurdish teacher 'dismissed' over Facebook post in Akre

  2021-05-18  | 
 Zhyan News Network
Former teacher Haval Bahri Habib poses for a photograph. Photo/Habib's Facebook account
 Zhyan News Network

SULAIMANI – A Kurdish teacher from the district of Akre in Duhok on Tuesday (May 18) said that he has been dismissed and “is no longer employed” after a Facebook post about the difficulties Peshmerga forces are enduring in finding livelihood opportunities.

The 28-year-old English teacher complained about terms, conditions and salary of the Peshmerga forces in a post on his Facebook account.

“All of them have become Peshmerga on Facebook, if they worried about Peshmerga, Peshmerga would not have stranded waiting for a ride to work place,” the former teacher Haval Bahri Habib wrote attaching a photo showing two Peshmerga killed in attacks by Islamic State (ISIS) militants.

Speaking to Zhyan English, Habib said he has been informed by Akre’s Directorate of Education that he has been “dismissed” and the reason for him being sacked is his criticism of Peshmerga’s livelihood.

“If they have worried about Peshmerga... Peshmerga would not have stood outside the doors of the mosques begging for money.”

Habib has taught English to 10th and 11th grade students at Susna School in Akre, about 100 kilometers southeast of Duhok.

According to Habib, Peshmerga forces are facing unstable conditions and livelihood due to poor pay which is less than IQD500,000 Iraq dinar ($342 US dollar) per month.

“Only the Peshmerga who are sons of the poor become the victim. It is only the sons of the officials and Agha who are given positions while sitting at home,” Habib added.

Zhyan News Network reached to the director general of Akre’s education directorate Karwan Zahir, but he said “Habib’s post on Facebook is not the reason behind his dismissal, we will never sack someone on a Facebook post.” 

Zahir didn’t deny existence of a decision to sack Habib, saying “suggestions have been made to dismiss the teacher.”

(Zhyan English)